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F. A. Q. s

Q: Why join Columbine Figure Skating Club?

Your Columbine Figure Skating Club membership will give you access to members-only activities, discounts on ice show and exhibition entry, and the support of fellow skaters. Not only that, but your membership will help aspiring skaters work towards their goals and make figure skating accessible to all. Columbine is a non-profit organization run by enthusiastic parents and coaches, interested in providing opportunities to help skaters fulfill their figure skating goals. 

Q: How can I help?

Columbine Figure Skating Club is run completely by volunteers like you. Let us know what your talents are, and we can an opportunity for you to use your skills to help the club! We need someone with web background to run our website, businessmen to help with the accounting, people to coordinate club activities, help producing our newsletter, and much more! If you don't have time to volunteer your skills, Columbine will gladly accept your tax-deductible donation.

Q: Where can I get my Columbine Skating jacket?

Columbine Figure Skating Club allows members to have any black jacket of their choice to be embroidered at Sportline (located at 64th & Wadsworth). Embroidery generally takes 1-2 weeks. Don't forget to add your first name on the front! Please email columbineskatingmembership@gmail.com to advise us that you have a jacket purchased and ready for embroidery.  We are looking for someone to lead our apparel committee, if you are interested, please email columbineskating@gmail.com

Q: How can I find a coach?

Club members are free to take lessons from any professional.  All arrangements for fees and schedules are negotiated privately with the individual coaches. There are many coaches giving lessons at the Apex Center.  Click here for information on Columbine Figure Skating Club Coaches. Additionally, a list with names and contact information is available from Apex.   Here are a few questions to consider:
  • How long have you been coaching?
  • What are your greatest coaching accomplishments?
  • What is your skating background? Do you specialize in coaching certain disciplines? Did you skate competitively?
  • Are you a member of USFSA and the Professional Skaters' Association (PSA)?
  • Are you compliant with all US Figure Skating requirements? Do you have any PSA rankings or ratings?
  • What are your rates for lessons, competitions, cutting music, etc? How often do you bill? When do you expect payment?
  • What is your policy if we have to cancel a planned lesson?
  • Is there anything else we should be aware of in advance?